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David Brinkman's Fiddle Tunes

Gem City Waltz

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Written: November 18, 2003 Location: Laramie, Wyoming
About: Composed on November 18, 2003 in Laramie, Wyoming. Gem City Waltz was first played in public the next night at the regular "3rd Wednesday of the Month" Jam Session held at Old Towne Bagel Shop in Laramie. Musicians and listeners included Brian Peel, Jacob Means, Shelby Means, Warrie Means, Sherri Means, Bill McKay, Erin Coats, Chris Knodle, Tom Wilhelm, Kyle Shobe, Marge and Larry Roberts, Susan Cogdill, Jodie Covington, Curt Heimbuch, and others. Laramie, Wyoming is known as "Gem City of the Plains."

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